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ATI lockout of Steelworkers illegal, labor relations board says

The lockout of more than 2,200 union workers by Allegheny Technologies Inc. was illegal, federal labor officials said Friday, setting the stage for proceedings that could push the two sides to resolve their contentious labor dispute.


In BC, a Million-ish Jobs… Someday, Maybe

The BC Liberal government has moved the goalposts yet again on its promise of a million new jobs.


Grande Cache Coal closes mine, lays off 220 employees

The closure of the Grande Cache Coal mine is devastating news for the community, the town’s mayor says.


Steelmegaphone #39

Troy and Alex sift through the political garbage pile looking for gems until Steve Kallies (33:00) reports from Steelworker headquarters on his recent trip to Pittsburgh. Then roving reporter Aaron Ekman (53:55) discusses the BC Feds’ Fight For 15 minimum wage campaign.

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Students turn to sex work to make ends meet at university, study finds

Many students are secretly turning to sex work to fund basic living costs while at university

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Daphne Bramham: B.C. continues its massive restructuring of public education

A blunt reading of the B.C. government’s plan for public education is this: Impoverish it, neuter critics (including teachers and elected school trustees) and centralize control.

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Companies Need To Pay People More

One reason U.S. economic growth is still weak is that average American consumers are still strapped.
Consumers account for ~70% of the spending in our economy, so when they’re hurting, we’re all hurting.

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Shell pulls plug on long-delayed Alberta oil sands mine

Royal Dutch Shell PLC has scrapped plans for a long-delayed oil sands mine, becoming the latest company to pull the plug on a major Alberta expansion as crude prices hover near multiyear lows.


Walmart CEO Doug McMillon: We’ll Do Away With Minimum Wage Pay In New Year

Back in October, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon announced future plans to boost the lowest of wages at the big box giant so that no worker is paid the federally mandated minimum of $7.25 an hour.


Scientists push for ‘scientific integrity’ at bargaining table

Canada’s federal scientists are going to the bargaining table this week with an unprecedented package of contract changes to promote “scientific integrity” in government, including the right of scientists to speak freely and forbidding political interference in their work.


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