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Alberta Man Fined for Displaying ‘Fuck Harper’ Sign on Car, Threatens Charter Defence

He’s not a man of subtleties, and recently Albertan Rob Wells outfitted his car with a bold message: “Fuck Harper.”

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BREAKING: Harper gov’t appoints Kinder Morgan consultant to NEB

The Harper government chose the Friday afternoon of a long weekend, just before the Sunday launch of a federal election, to appoint a paid Kinder Morgan consultant to the National Energy Board (NEB) in a timed press release that critics say was an attempt to bury the news.

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This Tory attack on unions should remind us how much we need them

picketing will be criminalised, employers will be allowed to hire agency staff to replace striking workers and the financial links between unions and the labour party are to be eroded, with members being asked to opt-in to a party political allegiance.

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Harper working ‘in the same vein as Jesus’ on C-51, says backbencher

What would Jesus do? If you’re Conservative MP Wai Young, apparently the answer to that question is “enact C-51.”

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Conservative Senators just passed the anti-union Bill C-377. Here are 7 reasons to repeal it.

The Conservative-backed anti-union Bill C-377 finally passed the Senate Tuesday night, so expect a constitutional challenge to follow. Unless it’s repealed first.

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“Captured” environmental regulator thinks of Kitimat smelter owner Rio Tinto as “client”

During the application process, Rio Tinto Alcan financed McKenzie’s position at the Ministry of Environment through a secondment agreement and government officials repeatedly refer to the company as a “client.”

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#NameAFerry contest comes back to haunt B.C. Ferries

When B.C. Ferries announced a contest to name its three new foreign-built boats, the high-priced executives in those cushy corporate offices thought they’d struck public-relations gold.

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Thousands of people could show up on election day only to learn they can’t vote

As Postmedia’s Stephen Maher writes, when Elections Canada mails out Voter Information Cards this fall, a new sentence in bold letters will appear at the bottom: Please note that this card is not a piece of ID.
This means that on election day, tens of thousands of people will likely turn up at their polling station, voter cards in hand, only to learn that they can’t vote.

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Kathleen Wynne channels her inner Harper to privatize Hydro One: Walkom

It’s a government that uses omnibus bills to ram through controversial new measures — and then limits debate on them.

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Election law muzzles advocacy campaign website that calls for corporate tax increases

The Alberta Federation of Labour will be forced to shut down its Better Way Alberta website once the writ is dropped to start the provincial election campaign, which is widely expected to happen tomorrow.


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