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Steelmegaphone #49

Troy and Alex discuss Teck Coal rolling shut downs and potential community impacts among other dark, arcane political subject matter until Damien Gillis (50:16) shows up to evaporate Christy Clark’s LNG campaign promises.

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LNG revenue windfall absent from B.C.’s budget three-year projections

Gone is any expectation in the 2015 budget of a near to medium-term revenue windfall from the development of a liquefied natural gas export industry in British Columbia.


Latest Harper Omnibus bill guts regulations for coal, LNG ports

On October 23, 2014, the federal government introduced Bill C-43, A second Act to implement certain provisions of the budget tabled in Parliament on February 11, 2014 and other measures


Clark govt, Science World selling LNG Kool-Aid to kids

The BC Liberal government’s all-out push to build an LNG industry is extending into the province’s classrooms and the minds of its students. The latest partner in this effort, Science World, is co-hosting a series of community seminars in rural communities to educate students “about the fundamentals of energy science.”


Petronas puts B.C. LNG plant on hold

Petronas says it’s delaying its proposed liquefied natural gas terminal near Prince Rupert, B.C.


Burnaby will stop Kinder Morgan pipeline in court, re-elected Burnaby Mayor Corrigan vows

newly re-elected Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan’s vow to stop Kinder Morgan’s pipeline expansion proposal through the courts – urging citizens not to get arrested in defiance of a recent injunction.

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Govt fears losing LNG, fracking social licence to social media: Internal briefing note

The BC government is worried it can’t control the way fracking and liquefied natural gas (LNG) are being criticized through social media, documents obtained through a Freedom of Information request reveal.


B.C. child welfare program offer to First Nation backfires over LNG ties

A ham-fisted attempt to win First Nations support for the province’s liquefied natural gas ambitions has backfired, threatening support for the Pacific Trail pipeline needed to bring natural gas to Kitimat for a proposed LNG plant.


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