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Tories Scramble After Joe Oliver’s Call For Looser Labour Laws At G7

Finance Minister Joe Oliver said Wednesday he believes relaxing labour laws to make it easier to lay off workers would help spur economic growth.

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Former B.C. Staffer Alleges Transportation Ministry Destroyed Highway Of Tears Emails

Tim Duncan said he was barely three weeks into his new job at the Transportation Ministry in Victoria when he was ordered to delete emails concerning government meetings about the Highway of Tears investigation into murdered and missing women.

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Canadian Bar Association Denounces Anti-Terror Bill

The Conservative government’s anti-terrorism bill contains “ill-considered” measures that will deprive Canadians of liberties without increasing their safety, the Canadian Bar Association says.

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Shell Oilsands Workers To Carry Electronic Trackers On The Job

The idea of carrying an electronic tracker as you go through your work day would be an uncomfortable thought for many — but for oilsands workers, it is fast becoming something that goes with the territory.

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Alberta Oil Patch Workers Warned Of Bogus Job Offers

Alberta is warning workers in the slumping oilpatch to beware of fraudulent websites that offer energy industry jobs for an upfront fee.

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Each Year, Veterans Affairs Makes Me Prove I Lost My Legs

In regards to Rick Mercer’s rant from the other day, I was contacted by Veterans Affairs Minister Erin O’Toole for a request for a telephone conversation about my file.


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