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Teck Resources announces sweeping executive changes

Teck Resources Ltd announced sweeping changes in its senior ranks on Tuesday, including the retirement of its chief operating officer.


Trudeau’s new ministry for climate change spooks oil patch

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to elevate climate change in his first cabinet threatens to deepen fissures between the incoming government and the energy industry.

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Conservative anti-terror bill passes final vote with Liberal support

The Conservative government’s anti-terrorism legislation has passed its final vote in the House of Commons, clearing the way for the bill to become law before Parliament rises for the summer.

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Union challenging BC Hydro over increasing use of contract workers

On orders from the provincial government to trim its payroll and limit overtime, BC Hydro has now been taken to task for a growing reliance on outside contractors.

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Ruling on RCMP’s right to unionize could influence B.C. teacher dispute

The Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling giving Mounties the right to unionize could have implications for the dispute between the B.C. Teachers’ Federation and the provincial government.


Harper calls climate regulations on oil and gas sector ‘crazy economic policy’

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has retreated further from his pledge to regulate carbon emissions in the oil industry, saying it would be “crazy” to do so at a time of fallen crude prices.


Numbers of low-skilled temporary foreign workers rose despite push to curtail program

The number of low-skill temporary foreign workers entering Canada continued to grow in the first quarter of 2014 despite government efforts to reduce the impact of the controversial program.

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Teck Response to Globe and Mail Articles

I was disappointed to read Mark Hume’s October 20th article on selenium in the Elk Valley, in which he claims this important issue is not being addressed, while ignoring the groundbreaking international effort underway to do exactly that.


Elk Valley watershed: Why has this unfolding disaster been ignored?

Few people know more about selenium poisoning than Dennis Lemly and that’s why Environment Canada turned to him to assess federal research in British Columbia’s Elk Valley watershed.


Temporary foreign workers hired in area with high aboriginal unemployment

At the centre of an Alberta mall catering to four First Nations grappling with massive unemployment is a cafeteria that dishes out burgers, fries and bannock – cooked and served by temporary foreign workers.


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