In BC, a Million-ish Jobs… Someday, Maybe

The BC Liberal government has moved the goalposts yet again on its promise of a million new jobs.

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Right the Wrong 2015: Ottawa

The All Access 9346 crew catches up with Robin and Koda for the completion of their walk across Canada in dedication of the missing and murdered aboriginal peoples of Canada.


Trudeau’s new ministry for climate change spooks oil patch

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to elevate climate change in his first cabinet threatens to deepen fissures between the incoming government and the energy industry.

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Steelmegaphone #59

Troy and Alex pick apart the Canadian Leaders Debate before Norm Macdonald (48:22) BC Energy and Mining Critic comes in to talk politics.

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Alberta Man Fined for Displaying ‘Fuck Harper’ Sign on Car, Threatens Charter Defence

He’s not a man of subtleties, and recently Albertan Rob Wells outfitted his car with a bold message: “Fuck Harper.”

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Steelmegaphone #58

Alex and Troy pull OT to bring you the first day of the Canadian Federal Election.

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BREAKING: Harper gov’t appoints Kinder Morgan consultant to NEB

The Harper government chose the Friday afternoon of a long weekend, just before the Sunday launch of a federal election, to appoint a paid Kinder Morgan consultant to the National Energy Board (NEB) in a timed press release that critics say was an attempt to bury the news.

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Conservative Senators just passed the anti-union Bill C-377. Here are 7 reasons to repeal it.

The Conservative-backed anti-union Bill C-377 finally passed the Senate Tuesday night, so expect a constitutional challenge to follow. Unless it’s repealed first.

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NDP throne speech promises to ban corporate and union donations to political parties

Alberta’s first NDP government Monday unleashed a torrent of legislative and policy initiatives, unveiling plans to hike taxes, ban contentious political donations and usher in an era of unprecedented co-operation with opposition parties.

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No more Quebec school board elections, minister confirms

The Quebec government has confirmed that it is abolishing school board elections, after months of talking about it.


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