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Foreign workers’ complaint heads to B.C. human rights hearing

An allegation that a B.C. Tim Hortons restaurant exploited a group of Filipino workers is headed to a human rights hearing.


Construction firms to compensate workers kept on a secret industry ‘blacklist’ for ‘raising concerns about health and safety’

Workers involved claimed they were denied work, often for merely raising legitimate concerns about health and safety on building sites.

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Public Safety Minister: Protest using ‘democratic ways’ or face ‘full force of the law’

People who express dissent should expect “to face the full force of the law,” said Stephen Blaney, public safety minister, this morning in Delta, B.C. He was commenting for the first time on the Dawson Creek RCMP’s fatal shooting of a protester reportedly associated with the amorphous online collective Anonymous.

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It’s official – second class citizenship goes into effect

Last Friday, part of Bill C-24 went into effect, officially creating a two-tier citizenship system.

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“Captured” environmental regulator thinks of Kitimat smelter owner Rio Tinto as “client”

During the application process, Rio Tinto Alcan financed McKenzie’s position at the Ministry of Environment through a secondment agreement and government officials repeatedly refer to the company as a “client.”

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Former B.C. Staffer Alleges Transportation Ministry Destroyed Highway Of Tears Emails

Tim Duncan said he was barely three weeks into his new job at the Transportation Ministry in Victoria when he was ordered to delete emails concerning government meetings about the Highway of Tears investigation into murdered and missing women.

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CSIS warns of ‘extremist’ opposition to oil and gas sector

An internal threat overview by CSIS warns the federal government of “extremists” that have “converged” to oppose natural resource development.

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WATCH: Officer of Parliament warns Tory bill gives government power to cover-up own crimes

In a stunning television interview, an Officer of the Parliament of Canada took only 60 seconds to spell out why a new piece of legislation proposed by the Conservatives would allow the government to cover-up an alleged crime by the RCMP and should alarm every Canadian.

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Canada creates auto sector jobs in US & Mexico as 1,000 GM workers laid off in Canada

On Thursday, 1,000 auto workers at General Motors learned they were the latest ones to lose their jobs when the automobile giant announced massive layoffs at its Oshawa assembly line. This represents a reduction of one-third of GM’s Oshawa workforce.

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EI whistleblower suspended without pay

A federal fraud investigator has been suspended without pay, after she leaked documents showing that investigators had to cut people off their employment insurance benefits in order to meet quotas.


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