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Teck Resources announces sweeping executive changes

Teck Resources Ltd announced sweeping changes in its senior ranks on Tuesday, including the retirement of its chief operating officer.

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Steelmegaphone #84

The usual suspects arrive to deliver some tidbits before Canadian music icon Stephen Fearing joins Troy in the Pink Room.

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Steelmegaphone #83

Alex, Troy and Cory ram through the pile to get to Member of Parliament Don Davies (44:57) discussing proposed changes to the federal voting age. Then General Secretary Sharan Burrow of the International Trade Union Confederation (104:46) calls from Brussels, Belgium to recap the World Economic Forum in Davos.

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Steelmegaphone #82

Alex and Troy celebrate Womens’ 100 year Right to Vote in our Canadian Democracy. Then East Kootenay and District Labour Council President Jacki Spain (48:30) arrives to give a regional labour perspective for the East Kootenays.

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Steelmegaphone #81

Nick Howard makes a rare appearance as Troy and Alex wade into the in political kiddie pool looking for floaties… Lou Chillinski (45:08) arrives to update SM listeners on the ATI lockout in the States before Damien Gillis (58:00) bombards listeners with facts about the ill fated Site C dam project.

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Steelmegaphone #80

News de Jour before Al Dyck (42:47) shows up to talk holiday financial hangover cures. Aaron Ekman (1:15:26) stops in later to tackle legalization of cannabis…

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Steelmegaphone #79

Happy New Year from the Pink Room. Alex and Troy cruise the political manure pile before speaking with USW 1-425 President Paul French about proposed worker concessions at Mount Polley. Then David Black returns with an incredible story on his family’s personal sacrifice to help in the global refugee crisis.

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Canada’s Imperial Metals halts production, lays off 100 due to low copper prices

Copper prices have plummeted in recent years, forcing miners to sell assets, mothball mines and slash production

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No charges under B.C.’s mining laws for failure of Mount Polley mine dam

No charges will be issued under the province’s mining laws against Imperial Metals after the catastrophic failure of its Mount Polley gold and copper mine tailings dam.

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ATI lockout of Steelworkers illegal, labor relations board says

The lockout of more than 2,200 union workers by Allegheny Technologies Inc. was illegal, federal labor officials said Friday, setting the stage for proceedings that could push the two sides to resolve their contentious labor dispute.


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